What's out there?

A recent search on Yahoo for "supermac" found 438 pages (not including this one). Not all of them are worth visiting. Trust me. In fact, most of them have nothing to do with SuperMac computers. Others do, but are inacurate or incomplete to the point that I can't personally recommend them. There are many others which sell memory or other spare parts for the SuperMacs, but as I intend to keep this site entirely non-commercial, I won't mention them here.

Happy surfing.


  • The Umax SuperMac FTP site (ftp://ftp.umax.com/supermac/).
    Missing in action for more than a year, Jordan (see Site Credits) recently rediscovered this one. We were both surprised to see it return. Everyone should go download UmaxTool 1.0 before the FTP site vanishes again -- this thing was never officially released and still includes the ReadMe written by yours truly. In fact, download EVERYTHING from this site, especially if you don't have an original SuperMac CD. It could all go away again without warning.

  • The Unofficial SuperMac Support Site at LowEndMac.com
    This is the biggie. If there's only one site on the web for ongoing SuperMac support and advice, this is it. (If there are two sites, then I like to think SuperMac Insider is the other.) The SuperMacs user group mailing list alone makes it worth the trip.

  • MacForumz.com
    A darn big Mac-only discussion site. Hardware talk gone wild -- including some SuperMac topics. As SuperMac owners look more and more at integrating old and new technologies, this many posts could be worth their weight in gold.

  • Umax/ATX Power Supply Conversion (Ver. 2)
    A great article by SuperMacs list'er Jeff Walther on converting a PC-standard power supply for use in the S900 & J700. The same instructions would also apply to the S910 & C600; the C500 would be pin-compatible with the ATX modifications, but good luck getting a standard ATX-size PS into the slim C500 case.... (NOTE: This is a direct download link, not a web page. To view as a web page, please see the HTML version in Support.)

  • MacTracker
    Not the empty web page of the same domain, but a slick little Mac model tracking utility that's remarkably polished, accurate, and complete. The SuperMac info should be completely up-to-date by the version 2.0 release.

  • S900 DVD-RAM Installation
    Todd Buchanan takes on the challenge of installing a DVD-RAM drive into his S900 and documenting it for all the world to see. (Nice work, Todd.)

  • MacSpeedZone
    A quick search on "supermac" produces some great performance overviews. Sure, they're all old numbers, but they're also still true numbers.

    ...and Then

  • SuperMac articles on Macworld
    A few ancient distractions on products from the original SuperMac Technology, but for the most part, a great collection of Mac clone time capsules. Enter "supermac" in the search field, and enjoy.

  • c|net Article on Mac Clone Pricing
    A mildly-entertaining look back at the Mac price wars of early 1997 -- much sound and fury signifying the loss of profits for all and the growth of market share for... well, not the Mac OS. We can laugh about it now.

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