Looking for one of the most expandable and upgradeable Mac OS computers ever made? Check out the S series. For business or the home office, there's the slightly scaled-down J series. And for budget-conscious buyers looking for a good home system, consider the C series.

HISTORICAL NOTE: The last new SuperMacs were built in August, 1998. The Products section on the original UCC/SuperMac site had a clear Marketing angle. Although that's a dead issue today, SuperMac Insider strives to recreate the original presentation as completely as possible. With about 100,000 SuperMacs built and sold by Umax, they'll be showing up for sale or auction on the web for years to come. However they've been used, abused, reconfigured, stripped down, and loaded up since their original sale, this section provides a complete and accurate view of how they came into the world.

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